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Braveheart v The Loch Ness Monster

Since my incumbency in Gemini Walks, the furthest I seem to roam nowadays is usually a zoom around Scotland but in my earlier days I did manage to overcome my fear of flying and take myself to some far flung places!  White water rafting down the Petrohue Rapids in Chile, galloping along a beach in South Africa or ultimately climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Wherever the location, my party trick was always to have a mission whether it be a tiny wee speck of a mission (drinking four pints of cider in an hour) or a cracking big boulder of a mission (driving all the way from the Netherlands to Falkirk without stopping!).

One of the ‘must do’ missions whilst on the other side of the world was always to ask the locals “what first comes to your mind when you think of the UK?” It will be no surprise to discover that, even on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, all of the porters screamed out Manchester United!!  I should come clean and admit that Alex Ferguson is one of my Scottish heroes, but on this occasion I had to swiftly ignore the porters’ football fetish and refine my question to reveal what I really wanted to find out.


So…………let’s ask another question – “What first comes to your mind when you think of Scotland?”  Time and time again, the battle would always see Braveheart and the Loch Ness Monster fighting for the title!

When my good friend George Simpson(1) imparted the news that the south side of Loch Ness was now an official path with way marking, my eyes sprung open like those of a bunny rabbit in the headlights! In the knowledge that Loch Ness was recognised all over the globe, what a fantastic opportunity to create a circular walk using the new paths on the south side and sections of  the Great Glen Way on the north side!


Sunset over Loch Ness from Dores Beach. Julie Deans Gemini Walks.


And it was so!  I urged my business partner Steve to get his bahookie into the motor and rocket me and our office dog Holly right up the A82 to the banks of Loch Ness to research the trail.  A fortnight later, job done and go to the top of the class! What a fantastic walk, steeped in history, picturesque Highland villages and, of course, spectacular 360 degree views of Loch Ness!

Sadly, history tells us that William Wallace never braved it far enough north to face the Loch Ness Monster but will you?


(1) George Simpson, Loch Ness Travel at


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